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There seems like a never-ending list of expensive certifications that you need, and the courses to prepare you for the exams aren’t cheap to do, either.

I’ve noticed over recent years some serious issues with the quality of the official courses that are out there, to the extent that I’ve decided to do something about it.


In my training business, I will stick to 3 core principles;

  1. High-quality content

  2. Engaging, informed delivery

  3. Fair pricing

Of course, I am not an official partner of any certification body and so I cannot use their trademarks. No problem.


I prefer my independence, as you know.

U 1-08.png

I will instead offer [U]nCertified versions of the main courses that I teach. That means that you come to me for tuition only.


You get your exams, your books and everything else official from the certification body anyway so I don’t need to be involved. I just do the teaching.

Delivery will be via Zoom and you won’t be paying classroom prices for remote training. That’s not ‘fair pricing’ in my book. That means you can train with me and get the best preparation for your certification exams and save a load of money in the bargain.

Before you freak out about them being [U]nCertified, consider that under ISO17024 these are totally legitimate alternatives to the official vendor courses, and I have written them to not only meet but exceed the certificate learning requirements.

Why choose training from Real Security Doctor?

Well, first off, I'm one of the most qualified security risk practitioners on the planet, with over 25 years of practical industry experience in many areas of security.


Who else would you rather learn from?

Of course, that isn't a good enough reason on its own.

  • I use my broad sector experience to bring the driest, dullest subjects to life.

  • I provide additional professional value and signposts for future career development.

  • I use real-world examples to make the content relevant. I can actually answer questions.

  • My pass rate for formal certification courses is exceptional because I teach the content in memorable ways.

  • I teach with (questionable) humour and passion.

  • I am not contractually obliged to use any of the appalling quality 'official' course materials and teach the subjects in my own way.

  • I think differently about this subject because I understand it and the industry in ways that most people don't. If you want to set yourself apart from your competition, you need to know either more about this thing or think differently about it. With me, you get to do both.

The Real Security Doctor Guarantee


I want you to benefit from the training. I also want you to enjoy it.

If you take a [U] course that links to a certification exam such as [U]CISM and then fail your exam, you can attend the course again as many times as you like in the following 12 months, totally free of charge.

Not only that, but if you attend a course and don't like it for any reason, you can withdraw before the first break on the first day and get a full refund (minus any transaction fees).

Other terms apply. Click here to see them.

If you buy an online-only course, it is yours to access for the life of the website. Most online training lasts for 12 months, which I consider to be unfair. As long as you are using it for your personal use only, it'll be available to you for as long as I'm here.

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