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Want training on-demand, on a budget? These courses are for you, then.

When you buy a REAL Security Doctor online course, you get permanent access to it. You bought it, it's yours.

For many of these courses, you can either pay in full for immediate access to the entire course OR you can pay in instalments and have the content dripped to you each month.

Security risk masterclass
£999 or £333 x 3

People have been raving about this course since I published it. Some even tell me that they refer to it constantly in their work.

Get your access to this course today.

How to give a killer presentation

Learn how not to be such a boring security bastard with this short online course.


Your presentation skills are far more important than many security people realise.

Fix them here.

Unlocking Security Influence

Want to be more influential? Want more support? This unique online workshop will teach you about how to become more influential - with specific reference to security.

£899 or £299.67 x 3
REAL Security Doctor Logo_Artboard 1.jpg
12 principles of 'actual' security

Most security people I have ever met have not been able to tell me the principles of security. What does that tell you about their level of understanding?

Learn them on this short course.

UCISM plus.png

This is the online version of my blended CISM / CRISC / CGEIT / real knowledge course. No certificates, just the information you need without all the bullshit.

£999 or £333.33 x 3
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