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Here are the recordings of the previous Real Security Doctor events. None are safe for work, FYI. These are intended for individuals, not for organisational use. If I suspect that they are shared, you will lose your access.

These webinar recordings cost £34.99 each. If you want a bundle, contact me.


In this webinar, I present a vision for the future of the security industry. What it could become, and what we as practitioners could be in the future. 

If we do the work, that is.

FIRE ALL-01.png

In this webinar, I take aim at the useless bastards who think they are 'security professionals' but actually know nothing about it. Most CISO's aren't worth a squirt of warm piss, as I demonstrate in this video.

You have no idea the number of CISOs who have watched this and messaged me to agree with me.

Not for the faint of heart or hurt of butt.

WHO OWNS-01.png

Security ownership is usually a shitshow in most organisations. In this video, I explain who owns security as well as presenting a rational argument for why they own it.

Inappropriate security risk ownership undermines security practitioners and places us at risk. Knowing what the problem is starts the solution.


You know how many security people struggle with demonstrating security value for their organisations?  You know how many idiots use the term 'business enabler' without understanding what it means? You will after this video.

You will learn exactly what defines security value and how to demonstrate it. Your career will thank you.


Too many security departments are self-serving, interested in little more than arse-covering and box-ticking. It's time to do better.

In this video, I show you how to align the security function with the needs of the organisation.

Anything else will lead to failure.


You know how many security 'experts' I meet who cannot create a security strategy? All of the fuckers.

This video introduces a new model to help with that. The 9 Dimensions of Security Strategy is a new way of approaching the problem of strategic security, and does so from a business perspective.

It's time to evolve from being reactive to strategic.


No idea where your security career should be going? Why not get this video to help?

In this video, I discuss the principles of career planning. If you ain't planning, you are leaving your career success down to luck. Are you feeling lucky?

NUMBER 1 RISK-01.png

What is the #1 Business Risk?

It isn't on some list from some industry body, for sure.

Find out in this video.


Trying to build an effective security risk function without proper architecture is doomed to fail. In this video, find out what the essential components are and where they relate to each other.

This is not IT shit, FYI.

If you want a GRC career, you need to know this.


In this webinar, I provide a very clear opinion on the nonsense that is the concept of 'security culture programmes'. There are a lot of noisemakers and 'experts' talking about this concept, and most are worth ignoring.

Watch this webinar to learn why, and learn what might be more useful to us...


In this webinar, I discuss the problem of security influencing, the consequences and the potential areas for improvement in delivering the security message. This is not the same content as the far more detailed Unlocking Security Influence course.


In this webinar, I discuss security policy. I cover what it is, what it does and how it works. I detail what makes an effective policy and how to go about reviewing yours.


In this webinar, I discuss the broader concepts of 'threat', I address 'conventional wisdom' on the subject and I highlight why most organisations are running an insider threat programme called 'recruitment'.


Available NOW.

Available NOW.

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