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The doctor will see you now...

Congratulations, you've finally arrived at The Surgery... I've been waiting for you.

The Surgery is a members-only affair. You will need to become a paying subscriber to access it. There's a lot in there worth engaging with.

It is my intention to help security risk practitioners become better at what they do, better recognised for it and ultimately better rewarded.



I am tired of speaking into the void and trying to engage with 'passives' who don't take themselves or their career seriously.


I am tired of trying to have insightful and informative conversations on other platforms that are populated by people outside my target audience, whom all seem to think their uninformed opinions matter.

If you are paying to be here, you are more likely to engage with the content, which means I am more positively disposed toward taking you seriously and making better content for you.

Here is what you will get from your subscription...

  • Direct engagement with me

  • Access to exclusive content

  • Access to a community of like-minded, serious security people

  • You will be informed of special deals on live training and advance opportunities on training events.

  • You will get access to the monthly webinars and recordings.


I promise that I will be brutally direct, sarcastic and often sweary. You can too - just make sure you have a strong argument. ;)


My content is not for the faint of heart or simple of mind. I am comfortable with you being insulted or offended.

Especially if it means you learn something, whether about security or about yourself.


Remember that I attack ideas, organisations or behaviours. Not people. I tend to charge for that service. ;)

Remember that membership of The Surgery is a privilege, not a right.


Consider yourself warned. Hit the button to sign up... you'll set up a Direct Debit and then should automatically be invited to the Surgery members area on Skools. Let me know if you have any problems. Click the button below.

Sure, you pay for access to The Surgery, but if you want to show a little more appreciation, you can always 'buy me a coffee' using the following link.


No pressure.

Buy Dr Rich a coffee here.


It'd really be appreciated.

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