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Welcome to Real Security Doctor.

Before you do anything, I recommend watching the introduction video here ->

If I or my approach is not to your taste, thanks for stopping by.

If, on the other hand, something I say resonates with you...stick around.

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Get the NEW book
REAL Security Management™

The follow-up to The Problem of Security and The Superior Security Practitioner, this book presents a new value-oriented philosophy of organisational protection.

It's unlike any other security management book on the market. Do not expect the same old shit as you are used to.

Get it soon.

Yes, it's ebook only. It's not on Amazon. It also does NOT include an Ipad.🤣


Get The Superior Security Practitioner™

The follow-up to The Problem of Security, this book presents a high-level competency model for security practitioners who want to be equal to the monumental responsibilities they hold.

Written in my usual uncompromising style, this PDF ebook introduces new thinking to the idea of a security career, as well as discussing how to survive one.

Yes, it's still ebook only. It's not on Amazon. It STILL does NOT include an Ipad.🤣

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Didn't read The Problem of Security?

​90 pages or so of the snarkiest, most brutal words ever written about security in a PDF ebook by a doctor of security risk. (Ok, that is kind of a niche claim, I admit.)

​In this book, I discuss;

​...the problem with security as a concept.

...the problem with security risk management.

...the problem with security organizationally.

...the problem with it as an industry.

...the problem with how we teach it.

...the problem with us.

It's not for faint of heart. Don't say you weren't warned.

Security practitioners from all over the world and all over the industry have told me that this book was important to them. They realised that the doubts and concerns they had about their careers and methods were valid.

There is a lot wrong with the security industry, wherever in the world you are. Fixing it begins with understanding the problem.

Ready to become a Superior Security Practitioner™?

I have developed a complete development programme to create Superior Security Practitioners™, in alignment with the model I present in the book.

To get started, book a zero-risk, no-obligation Career Diagnostic session, and we'll go from there. If I cannot help you, you get a no-quibble refund. If you want to work with me, it comes off the price of whatever you buy in the following 3 months. (excludes online-only content).

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What people say...

"I chose to reach out to Dr Diston when I came across a LinkedIn of his post delineating the differences between cybersecurity and information security. I had recently graduated with a masters in cybersecurity and was having a hard time getting call backs from companies. Dr Diston’s 20 min coaching session allowed him to see that I was moving down the wrong career path and offered advice and resources to help me refocus my career search. In 20 minutes he was able to help me more than the university‘s professors and career services had in 6 months. I highly recommend taking the short investment of time to speak to Dr Diston. His knowledge of the cyber and infosec fields give him a unique view that I haven’t found elsewhere. I will certainly be taking advantage of more of his coaching content as I move forward in my search."

"I’ve been following Dr Rich for a long time on social media and have long been impressed with his frank and honest approach to security risk management. Recent LinkedIn posts on the issues with security consulting and problems faced by security consultant resonated with me so I reached out for a coaching session.


Within 2 hours of the conversation, I had implemented a very small change in business which resulted in instant return on investment. I have continued with this change, and it has already brought about success each time I have used it.


Absolutely recommended. In terms of a return on your investment you will not get better. If you are serious about your career and your business, then invest wisely and this is a very wise investment."

"As a regular follower of Richard's posts on LinkedIn, I took the opportunity to speak with him as I appreciate his direct approach towards both career development and the security industry in general. Too often, 'career coaching' is all mouth and limited trousers and Richard deliberately tackles the often controversial subjects in both a charismatic and challenging fashion which quickly delivers a strong ROI for both the recipient and himself.


Whilst the conversation was tackled in a way that I wasn't necessarily expecting (it was a series of questions rather than a conversational approach) it actually went beyond my expectations and made me question my own pre-determined assumptions regarding both my career development and, more importantly, why I want to achieve what I want to.


If you are prepared to be challenged regarding your career path, and post discussion about what you may need to change to get there, then I absolutely recommend Rich. This is not a discussion for someone who wishes to remain in the warm place of self-imposed ignorance. 


I would use Rich's other services or products more than ever after this. If the style and content is anything like the coaching discussion, it would be worth every penny. There is a reason Richard does not provide services for free, other than the fact it is his business, it's too good to be given away for nothing in return."

"I chose to talk to Dr Diston after following his posts and he kindly accepted me as a connection on LinkedIn. His ‘no-nonsense’ approach is a breath of fresh-air within the industry. He is an unconventional thinker. Experience meets education, he knows what he is talking about. He has a level of education that one day, I also aspire to.


I found my conversation with Richard to be very helpful indeed. Two words stood out, and those two words hit home, and hit home hard. I appreciated Richard’s approach. This conversation certainly gave me a lot to think about. Not only looking at myself from a professional perspective, but also a personal one, and for that I am grateful.


If you are looking for someone to aid you in your career, then Richard is most definitely somebody who can do that! I would recommend him and his services to others."

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