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When I was teaching the official certification courses, I quickly became frustrated with the quality of the content. I didn't feel that people were being taught what they really needed to know.

As a result, I loaded my versions of the courses with my own content and explained the material in my own way rather than following the official teaching notes that demanded I just read the powerpoints.

I got to a point where I felt that the courses were unbalanced, and that people were booking my courses to learn the official stuff, not the extra content I was providing. So I took it all out and stuck to the core material.

And I hated teaching it.

I have decided to return to a more value-focused method of teaching this content, which is why I have developed the [U]ncertified CISM +.

UCISM plus.png

I have decided to return to a more value-focused method of teaching this content, which is why I have developed the [U]ncertified CISM +.

The [U]CISM+ covers the core material required for passing the official exam, and I have supplemented it with additional relevant content from both the CRISC and CGEIT courses. I have also reintroduced my own material to fill the massive gaps between what is taught officially and what is necessary for quality security practitioners to understand if if they want to succeed.

It should be possible to take this course and pass all three official certification exams. People have certainly taken the Combo course and passed both CISM and CRISC. Across all three certifications, the content is extremely similar and the fundamental concepts of the certification body perspective do not change. Remember that passing the exam is not enough to get certified and that you will need to be able to demonstrate your practice (which is often the biggest challenge to people getting CGEIT certified). Still, the knowledge is more important, right?

The [U]CISM+ is approximately a 3-day course and exact duration depends on the needs of the class. It is delivered by Zoom from 0800 to 1600 UK time.

Want some testimonials for my training?

Emma said this about it:

The UCISM & UCRISC combo course was delivered in an interactive and open environment by a knowledgeable teacher with real-world insight, who has a brilliant ability to make every topic both informative and interesting. Thank you for going the extra mile to explain in depth not just what is required, but why and how it should be done properly. You really are a terrific teacher, and I’m glad that I found you at the beginning of my transition and can learn from you so I can do it right -thank you for all that you do.

Kevin said this:

The joint CISM and CRISC course is a must course for all Security Professionals or those wishing to pursue a career in Information Security. A massive personal thanks to Dr Richard for making this course really enjoyable, and providing extensive personal knowledge and anecdotes which made technical elements easy to understand. A truly outstanding instructor and I will definitely be booking further courses with him. Once again, many thanks for an excellent course.

Andrew said this:

Dr Rich, Firstly, thanks for your time and evident passion this week. The content of the combined course was incredibly insightful! Having completed the recommended reading I did feel slightly overwhelmed with tech jargon and acronyms, I was slightly apprehensive about the course. Three mind-melting hours and the muddy waters cleared. I've done the 'generic' tests on various 'learning' platforms and honestly, pre-course I failed most of them! Finished the (U)COMBO course yesterday, got up this morning and passed 3 straight off. Re-reading content in the books I now feel I understand it, not just trying to memorise it for an exam, that's down to clear, insightful and well-delivered training from a very well-informed position! If anything this course has ignited my thirst to pursue a new career with vigour, invest in my education, add value to an employer and organisation and most importantly make me credible while doing so! CISM tomorrow morning, CRISC Monday, I will see how I get on, but I'm confident! Without a doubt, not only an educational course but an engaging experience, raw and without 'fluff'. Sincerely, thank you.

Then there is Aimee;

Awesome course, really informative. Richard made the material easy to understand and even managed to add humour to it. Thanks a million!

All my courses carry the following guarantees*.

1. If you attend and don't like it, you can leave by the first break on the first day and get a full refund, no questions asked.

2. If you take and fail the official CISM / CRISC exam within one month of the course ending, you can reattend the course again within 12 months for free.

*The guarantee for 2 requires you to attend all sessions, be on time and pay attention. Fair enough?


What else would you like to know?

Contact me here about the next available course dates.


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