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I've made no secret of the fact that over recent years, I have become dissatisfied with the state of the security industry. And I mean ALL of it.


Whether we are talking about security guarding, IT security or infosec, there isn't an area of security practice that I don't consider to be in decline.

Let's be specific. What kinds of decline?


Decline in basic security understanding.

Decline in practitioner standards of thinking and performance.

All this directly stems from the decline in the quality of security education.

All this means a decline in our credibility as a sector, and that means a decline in opportunity for security practitioners, today and in the future.

Be honest with yourself. What we are currently doing is not working.

For us and for our clients.

We know it, they know it.

It is time to remedy this situation with some new thinking about the modern problem of security risk management.

In this 2-day course, I will be teaching a new,  principle-based approach that will focus on what is necessary. This is based on my model of Real Security Management, and this course teaches the practical application of that philosophy.

Real Security Management is built on the following principles.

1. We will seek the truth.

2. We will think for ourselves.

3. We will take only what we need.

4. We will only focus only on what is within our ability to control.

5. We will separate self-awareness from subject matter knowledge.

6. We will set our own standards and hold ourselves to them.

7. We will be collaborative and helpful.

8. We will communicate with precision and empathy.

9. We will build confidence through consistently demonstrating our values.

10. We will seek only the greatest good.

You do realise that if you learned this method and applied these principles, you'd never feel imposter syndrome again.

This means:

No more 'heat maps'.

No more 'likelihood'.

No more (impossible to implement) advanced maths models either.

No more mindlessly following outdated concepts, Standards and models.

Critical thinking instead of bullshitting.

This might be the answer to that problem of credibility you've been struggling with.

It's time to get real.

What else would you like to know? Message me to discuss whether the course is right for you.


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