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There is a lot of bad advice out there for security practitioners in relation to their careers.

They are NOT being properly prepared for the jobs they will do and they are NOT being fairly informed about what the choice to work in security will mean for them.

They are being taught the wrong things, in the wrong ways and have the wrong expectations. Most are aiming at the wrong career goals, and spending fortunes on the wrong certificates to chase them.

Been there, done that.

If only there were some highly qualified, highly intelligent, highly experienced, honest person who could offer an alternative...

Security career accelerator-02.png

I've got you.

The Security Career Accelerator is a 1-day course (delivered via Zoom in the UK timezone), and is designed to tell you what you need to know, or what you should have been told. Whether you are just entering the security industry and are confused or whether you have been around a while and are realising that it's not what you expected, this is for you.

This is either the start button or the reset button you need.

The course will cover the following areas:

  • Introduction - to the industry, to the security career, to security education and possible career pathways. Avoid the common mistakes from the start.

  • Understanding security - what you SHOULD know but nobody told you.

  • Understanding risk - learn the principles that everyone else gets wrong, then understand them in the security context.

  • Understanding the relationship between security, the business and compliance. Learn how not to be a bullshitter.

  • Setting goals - what you need to be to do this job to your full potential.

How it works

You can buy a voucher online to attend a Security Career Accelerator event, and redeem it at any scheduled event in the coming year. Events are held on weekends as well as weekdays for your flexibility, and the dates for 2024 are already posted on the schedule page. When you have chosen your preferred date, email me, and I will book you in and confirm with you.

The price

The event costs £1000 plus UK VAT. You can even pay in instalments, but cannot attend until the full balance is settled.

The potential deal

When you attend a Security Career Accelerator event, there is no obligation to do anything else. We'll spend an awesome, funny, insightful day together and that is it.


If you want to go further with my help, the next step is to book a Career Diagnostic session with me. (Don't worry if you have already had one.)


After that session, if it is suitable for us to work together, and you have attended the Accelerator in the last 90 days, you automatically qualify for the following:

  • £1000 off the price of Part 1 of the Superior Security Practitioner (10-week coaching programme)

The discount for Part 1 applies for 90 days after the Accelerator you attend.

  • £1000 off the price of Part 2 of the Superior Security Practitioner (10-month coaching programme) (Not yet available)

That means that the £1000 you invest in yourself could get you the Accelerator and then double the savings on the signature coaching programmes that I offer...if it's appropriate. If it's not, you still had an amazing day of training at a fair price. There is no obligation on either of us to do anything we don't feel comfortable with.

Security Career Accelerator 1 day course

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